Dome was founded by a bipartisan group of former senior staffers from the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the White House.

Our mission is to help professionals in public policy gain skills, acquire knowledge, discover resources, and build relationships. Dome is strictly nonpartisan. With greater resources in hand, and a wider array of ideas on the screen, each staffer can get better.

Dome: Take Control of Your Information

Dome: Take Control of Your Information

Dome is a social network for public policy professionals.  Unlike other social networks, we put you in control of your data. 

We provide a service to our users and do not treat them, or their data, as “the product.”  If you are a professional in public policy, Dome is a safe way to discover, learn, meet, and grow. If you are a congressional staffer, you can even choose to remain anonymous from other users in the Dome online community! 

In our privacy policy, we fully explain how we collect data, what we use it for, when and with whom we share it, how we protect the security of our users’ data, and how our users can control their data. More broadly, we believe that our unique social network can be summarized by four key principles: Transparency, User Control, Collaboration, and Community!



Dome creates profiles (using information that is required by law to be disclosed to the public) about people working in public policy, including Members of Congress, their staffers, and registered lobbyists.  We collect this information from official U.S. government data providers and from KnowWho, Inc., the most respected independent data vendor in the government space. 

We encourage our users to share additional information about themselves, such as their educational degrees and the public policy issues that interest them most. We explain to users how they can benefit professionally by enhancing their profiles, but we also make it clear that users can decline to do so. Users are free to delete any additional information at any time, leaving only the information about themselves that is required by law to be disclosed to the public.

Dome also employs select third party services to help administer our platform and provide quality support to our users. We select our service providers because of the value they bring to our network and because of their own commitment to data privacy.

If you are curious or want learn more about our approach to privacy, you can read our full privacy policy here.[1] 


user control

Only the individual to whom the profile relates can claim his or her profile and adjust the profile settings. Dome does track user activity on the Dome service, but only to operate the service at the request of the user.  We do not track your activity across the internet.



Dome is a nonpartisan network created by a bipartisan group of former Capitol Hill staffers and trade association executives. We believe that the public policy process works best when the public policy professionals know each other, argue with and learn from each other, and discover and recruit allies in an effort to win public policy debates.  Our job is to make collaboration easy, rewarding, and safe. We have structured Dome to reflect that spirit of collaboration. We work with you to create a profile that has only the data that you want to share with us or that is included in government-mandated directories of public policy professionals. 



We are a group of former congressional staff from both parties and both chambers. Until now, the technology supporting social media networks has not been used to support our representative democracy.

Dome accomplishes this goal through our commitment to privacy and transparency. Our business model has more in common with the old, over-the-air broadcast stations which made money by gathering an audience and showing messages but never revealing the identity of any viewer of any message at any time.

Dome is a social media network dedicated to supporting our representative democracy.

Politics and policy are competitive, serious pursuits.  Our platform is a place for common decency and mutual respect where each user’s assertions, challenges, disagreements, or rebuttals are natural aspects of the conversations and debates.

Before a user completes the process of claiming a profile to begin the full use of the network, each must pledge never to personally attack, impugn motives, or use vulgarity, similar to the rules of debate on the House and Senate floors.

We believe the absence of toxic ambushes will encourage more productive discourse among public policy professionals and hopefully, through the use of our proprietary algorithms, we can help public policy professionals find others who have information about topics of interest to them and lower the barriers to meeting in real life.

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